It all starts with an idea

For more than 40 years, Nautilus® has set the standard for excellence in exercise technology. Arthur Jones, the original inventor of Nautilus® equipment, was the first person to combine the biology and physics of human movement into an effective exercise machine. In June of 1970, Jones introduced the Blue Monster that contained four stations: Pullover, Behind-Neck, Rowing, and Pulldown. Before Jones actually built the Blue Monster, it started with an idea. Today Nautilus is still seeking ideas and innovative ways to create effective and high quality exercise equipment.

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What We Are Looking For:

We are requesting patented and patent pending ideas that fulfill the following needs:

  • “I don’t have time to exercise.”

    Lack of time is consistently cited as the number one reason people don’t exercise. What patented or patent pending ideas do you have that will get the desired results in less time?

  • “I can’t stay motivated to exercise.”

    Do you have a patented or patent pending idea for a product that makes exercise fun and engaging?

  • “I want to exercise and be healthy, but I don’t know where to start.”

    In today’s world, information about exercise is so readily available that it is sometimes confusing and discouraging. What patented or patent pending product idea do you have that’s intuitive, simple, effective and not intimidating?

  • General (addressing a different need or goal)

    Do you have a patented or patent pending idea for a home fitness product that doesn’t fall into one of the categories listed above? We’d love to hear about it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Please keep reading.

  • I’ve submitted my idea, what happens next?

    Upon reviewing your patented or patent pending idea, Nautilus will provide feedback to you, whether deciding to move forward or not…

  • Why submit my patented or patent pending idea?

    If you have a great patented or patent pending idea for a fitness product, submitting it on this site is one way to get it in front of the right people. Unlike other inventor help and ideation companies, we have the ability to take your patented or patent pending idea to market. We also have well respected brands and a track record of successful product launches.

  • Do I get paid for my patented or patent pending idea?

    If we like your patented or patent pending idea, we’ll contact you to discuss a licensing agreement. Within a licensing agreement, we typically agree to pay inventors a fee for each product sold. This fee, called a royalty, depends on the uniqueness of the product idea and the existing or potential patent protection. For example, if we agreed to a 2% royalty rate on net sales revenue for a product with a net sales revenue of $500 per unit, you would get $10 for every one of those products sold. 10,000 products sold would equal $100,000 paid to you, the inventor.

  • Does my idea need to be patented?

    No, but you must have a pending patent application that is published. We will not consider any ideas that do not have any existing or pending patent protection. Further, we only want to consider your idea once the patent application is published to protect your interests in your non-published patent application since anything submitted to us is received on a non-confidential basis.

  • Doesn’t Nautilus invent things internally?

    Yes, we do, but we recognize that by reaching out to inventors outside our company, we are tapping into a tremendous resource for innovation well beyond the capabilities of our internal team by itself.

  • What if my patented or patent pending idea doesn’t meet the needs you call out on your site?

    As long as it’s a patented or patent pending idea related to home fitness, please submit it. We are always open to seeing great new ideas.

  • When will I be contacted?

    You will receive a confirmation of receipt after your patented or patent pending idea is submitted. After we evaluate your submission, you will be notified if we are interested in pursuing your patented or patent pending idea or if we have any questions. It typically takes 4 to 8 weeks for us to review your submission and notify you whether or not we are interested in your patented or patent pending idea.

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