At Nautilus, Inc. we do more than help people achieve their fitness goals. We connect them to their community, we support them, and we cheer them on. Just like we do for each other. We are an organization in which you can discover new possibilities, be challenged, and create professional opportunities. We are one team with one goal: build a healthier world, one person at a time.

We’re Team Nautilus.


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We’re innovators, storytellers, number-crunchers, people-people, and leaders. We’re adaptable, adventurous, passionate, imaginative, and resourceful. We’re one team made up of many diverse parts. We own our success because we work hard, have fun, and live by these six core values:

We are CONSUMER-OBSESSED. We exist to serve consumer needs and wants, using data and our deep consumer knowledge to drive our decision making.

We stay FOCUSED on fewer, bigger, bolder bets and seek simplicity in all we do.

We are AMBITIOUS INNOVATORS who think big, seek to be the disruptors, and innovate on differentiating experiences that make an important difference in our customers’ lives.

We are diligent PROBLEM SOLVERS, accountable to ourselves and our teams by taking responsibility, providing transparency, and adhering to the highest ethical standards.

We CARE DEEPLY about our employees, partners, shareholders and communities where we do business and go above and beyond to be inclusive and create a positive environment where everyone’s contributions are valued.

We WIN TOGETHER by putting team above self, disagreeing agreeably, supporting each other, and having fun as we work together toward accomplishing our goals.

Team Nautilus Testimonials

Stacey T., Director, Engineering Program Management
4 years at Nautilus, Inc.

“I love development! Be it equipment, software, process, or business, at Nautilus we are always developing and it’s so exciting to be a part of that.”

Ryan M., Customer Care Supervisor
7 years at Nautilus, Inc.

“I love working at Nautilus because of the people. Each day I get to assist our agents and customers, working to solve any challenges that arise.”

Annaliza M., Technical Product Trainer
4 years at Nautilus, Inc.

“My job is challenging but it allows me to problem solve in creative ways and feel good about what I am doing! Knowing at the end of the day that what we’re doing makes lives better really allows me to love my job to the fullest!”

Marie B., Direct Sales Representative
12 years at Nautilus, Inc.

“I love the variety and challenges of my job. I like my flexible work schedule and appreciate the support of my team. Everyone is inclusive and friendly which makes for a great workplace.”

Cyrus E., Sr. UX Designer
1.5 years at Nautilus, Inc.

“Each day I am presented with new challenges and opportunities to make a positive impact. I get to work with very talented and diverse team that inspire new ideas and drive innovation.”

Erik L., Distribution Center Operations Manager
3 years at Nautilus, Inc.

“The teamwork that is expressed companywide is what helps us achieve any goal we set forth. The level of accountability is amazing!”

Andrea S., Distribution Order Planning & Inventory Supervisor
6 years at Nautilus, Inc.

“I like working with a great team on ways to improve our business. Most importantly, I really enjoy the people I work with and dedication they demonstrate to get the job done.”

Scott S., Distribution Center Supervisor
5.5 years at Nautilus, Inc.

“My longevity with the company speaks to our people. We have a great team - one that works collaboratively, and continuously rises to the occasion even during challenging times.”

Matteo C., Director, International Sales
7 years at Nautilus, Inc.

“What still amazes me about Nautilus is how we keep on innovating, continuously questioning and challenging the status quo -- never still, always on the move, never obvious, always uniquely surprising.”

Khanh N., Sr. Software Development Manager
22 years at Nautilus, Inc.

“I get to collaborate with multiple teams of talented software engineers covering various facets of the latest technology stacks used in the industry. The dynamic environment coupled with multiple cloud-based implementations the teams have executed offers one of the most exciting technology ecosystems to be a part of. “

Steve B., Sr. Product Manager, JRNY Management
< 1 year at Nautilus, Inc.

“Nautilus has a foundation in fitness equipment, but what caught my attention was the push to further unlock these machines with a strong digital experience and content. I was drawn to the passion that the team has to really make a positive difference in the fitness journeys of our users.”